Ecotherapy and What It Can Do For You


Ecotherapy is a broad term, which describes a range of treatment programs that are targeted at improving an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing through outdoor activities, usually close to nature. There are myriad good reasons for participating in an ecotherapy program, as there are many different things that can be gained from them. The most common benefits associated with ecotherapy are the improved mental and physical health mentioned previously, as well as confidence building, developing mindfulness techniques, developing an appreciation of and connection to nature, and even developing one’s social life. Your team at Seven Ponds has put together some specifics on the benefits you can enjoy in each of these areas.


Mental Health

One of the prime goals of ecotherapy when trying to improve mental health is giving you a sense of grounding, helping you gain an alternative perspective on life. It also gives your mind ample opportunity to rest and be at ease. As a result, it can help you reduce depression, anger and anxiety. It can also help you be more emotionally resilient and build your self-esteem.


Physical Health

The most obvious and tangible benefits of ecotherapy are physical. Getting involved in ecotherapy will mean regular physical activity and exercise, getting lots of fresh air, expending excess energy and stress hormones, and increasing stamina.



Ecotherapy faces with challenges and new activities and promotes learning new skills, all of which will help you boost your confidence. They give you the regular satisfaction of completion, as well as of making improvements to yourself and the world around you.



A form of therapy of its own, mindfulness is about reaching ever more awareness of yourself. Being in nature helps you recenter your focus away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life. You’ll have the opportunity to develop techniques that work for you to practice mindfulness even in the midst of stressful situations


Appreciation of Nature

A side effect of spending time outdoors, in varying types of weather and times of year will make you more aware of and in tune with nature. You’ll be more sensitive to the sights, sounds and scents, things that you can appreciate on a daily basis, and discover ways to use nature as a retreat for relaxing and refocusing.


Social Life

Depending on your ecotherapy project, you will likely meet new people, which will help you escape isolation and give you a sense of community as you work with people who have similar issues and concerns and who can support each other.


Ecotherapy is a fantastic opportunity to gain an all new perspective on life and the world around you, and it is one of the many services Seven Ponds has to offer. If you have questions about ecotherapy, or other services, visit us online or contact us today to learn more.



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